Sunday, October 11, 2009

autumn colors

This time of year in central New York state nature exclaims it's beauty in vibrant and rich colors. Before moving here I never knew that the leaves on trees could turn so many colors. Where I grew up fall leaves would turn basically two, three colors at the most: yellow and brown and a little orange here and there. Still I thought of it as very pretty. I honestly thought that all the colors I saw in fall decorations were probably done with artistic license and the leaves really did not turn those colors.
As I lived in new locations I saw more colors in autumn but nothing as beautiful as the colors here. They are breath-taking. I do believe that the hillsides full of a variety of trees, each with leaves of it's own hue, must be the inspiration for the calico prints. This time of year each bend of the road gives view to a new and wonderful patchwork of vibrant and earthy tones,
I have joined a postcard exchange in one of my favorite online groups. We are each to make one postcard for all the other members of the group that signed up for the exchange. The theme is autumn colors. I have worked on mine a few hours here and there for the past week or so. tonight I have them almost finished. I still need to tweak them a little but for the most part they are done.
I had them drying on the table a few minutes ago. How surprised I was when I realized that I have not used the vibrant hues that I see here every day. Instead, the colors on my card are of the autumns I knew as a child. I find that so odd. I have lived in central New York longer than I have lived anywhere in my life, yet it is through what I knew in my growing years that has come through my creations.

An afterthought--It is now the next morning. After writing this post, I wondered if I should go back and add some vibrant colors. This morning I studied the cards. Although they are darker, hues, I like them. I will not change the colors. They are colors I know and love.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so looking forward to seeing your postcards Alice! Interesting how our earliest memories affect our color choices.