Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Triara Protecting the Present

Triara protecting the Present was created for the Rome Art and Community Center's Recycled Art Exhibit. Her base was made of coffee canisters. Her head and hands are air dry clay.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Labeling my work

On the doll-makers discussion groups I belong to, the question of whether or not to call our work dolls is brought up again and again.
I think of my work as dolls. Why? I am not sure, Perhaps that word has been a step in my journey. I started out making dolls and stuffed animals for my daughters. Then I made baby puppets to sell. Then one of my customers at a craft show asked me to join a doll guild. So I guessed I was a doll-maker. I have joined an art association and have been told by many members that I sculpt and that they do not consider my work dolls.
Oh my how we struggle with labels from crafter to doll-maker to artist or sculptor!
You know what? The pieces I make do not care about a label. Yet sometimes it seems that the viewers want work to be labeled. Does it make a work have different values in their view if I tell them it is art, or sculpture or a doll?
Even the New York State Fair has issues with it. If the item that is submitted does not have arms and legs, a traditional doll form, it cannot be put in the doll category.
So should I conform? Should I change what I call my work? Will it be taken more seriously if I do? (But then look , if you will, at my work. I do not think it is made to be viewed in a serious tone.)
Is the change in terms another step in my creative journey?

Monday, May 25, 2009

R.T. and the Cadigbra

The 2009 Central New York Doll Is Art Guild challenge was to make a doll using recycled items. I made R. T. and the Cadigbra to meet the challenge.
R.T.'s head and hands are needle-felted. His clothes are fashioned from brown packaging paper (used to fill empty space in a box for shipping.) His boots are from paper clay.
The Cadigbra was constructed with papier Mache'.I had originally planned to make a horse , but decided instead to make a fantasy creature, a mix on a Cat (Ca), dog (d), pig(ig), and zebra (bra).