Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October update

I have been so busy this last month, that I have taken very little time to be on-line. So what have I been doing?
Glad I asked :)

First I was working on my entry for the Treasures of the Gypsy Challenge. It is the first time I have entered this challenge. I really enjoyed making this doll and hope those who view will be pleased.

Next I had two speaking engagements last week. I spent considerable time preparing for the first -- the Wednesday Morning Club's annual opening luncheon. My program discussed my belief that we all are creative. I took along my dolls and puppets. I had a wonderful time. An article about the meeting , along with a photo (which I am in) may be found at http://romesentinel.com/news?newsid=20081007-141607.
I was asked about a month ago if I would be the speaker for the October meeting of the Rome Art Association. Since I already had a program set for the Wednesday Morning Club, I said yes. I tweaked the program a little to fit the audience.
I really enjoyed both of the meetings. I would love to be able to do more speaking engagements. And perhaps seminars.
Ah--- to have dreams become goals and become reality!

I also sent off a doll, December Bride, to the Wiltwyck Quilt Guild's Hello Dolly challenge/exhibit.
Wiltwyck Quilt Guild Cloth Doll Exhibit
2008 Wiltwyck Quilt Show October 18 & October 19Ulster County Community College491 Cottekill RoadStone Ridge, New York 12484Hours: 10-5 Sat. & 10-4 Sun.

So now I am all caught up with obligations! Yeah!!! What a wonderful feeling!

Oh one last thing, My ROBIN HAS PLANS FOR HER EMPTY NEST was chosen as runner-up for craft of the month by the Rome Art Association and will be on exhibit at the Rome Art and Community Center during the month of October.