Saturday, June 20, 2009

My first ever canvas

For some strange reason I had the urge to try "my hand " at painting a face on canvas. Using a brush I base-coated the canvas with some exterior latex paint I had left over from the flower pot I created (picture a few posts down). Then I picked up a brush and using more of the leftover exterior paint I began to paint the face. but then I found I just could not get the effect I wanted. I set down the brush and stuck my finger in the paint. Presto! I was creating the face I saw in my mind. I continued to finger-paint the rest of the face. I did use a brush for the hair, eyebrows and to line the eyes. Everything else was finger-painted. (That is why I put the my hand in quotations in the first line of this post.) So what do you think?

Friday, June 19, 2009

My interview

I recently joined in an interview game that was posted by Carol McKenna from
I would love to have you join in the game. The rules and instructions for the interview game are below my interview.
Here are the questions Carol asked me and my replies.

1. When did you begin to make Art Dolls?
When I quit doing craft shows and got a "regular" job, I promised myself I would make items to express myself and challenge me to grow creatively.. I beleive that is when I began to create art dolls. When" the winter of 2002-2003.

2. What material(s) do you use to make your doll faces and how do these faces evolve?
The materials vary from doll to doll. I began doing needle-sculpture, then branched out to polymer clay, next paper clays and papier mache. Most recently I have created needle-felted faces. Oh and this last week I painted a face on canvas (first painting ever!) But I guess because of my sculpting, I did not like what a brush did so i ended up painting with my fingers!. Yep! I finger-painted on canvas. I did use a brush for the hair, eyebrows and to line the eyes.

This was a double question. How do the faces evolve. I always start with the nose. Then the mouth and then the eyes. The fun begins when I get to add all the wrinkles. That is when the character becomes "alive" to me!

3. Explain how living in different states and countries has influenced your creative life.
When I began making items for craft shows here in central New York State, a rural-state-of-mind area, I was oft advised to tone it down. I love glitz and glitter (could it be from growing up in Las Vegas?). I am not crazy about pastels. Instead I love warm to hot earth tones and jewel tones (California's influence?) Greens in all shades except light and pastel greens, are one of my most favorite colors (perhaps influenced by the thick, vigorous vegetation in Okinawa, the Oregon and Virginian coasts?)
I have always loved studying faces. the ones that interest me the most have weathered skin with lots of lines. I find myself studying peoples faces wherever I am. The different ethnic characteristics of the faces of people wherever I have lived turns up in my work. I do not create from photos or models but from the faces of my eyes' memories.
Some of the costumes I create for my dolls and the combinations of colors and prints are influenced by what I have seen where I have lived.

4. "Going Green" ~ is that something new to you? And how has recycling effected your creativity?
I have always used what I had on hand whenever possible. I never thought of it as recycling,I was just finding a way to create without having to buy anything. People have often shook their heads and grinned when learning the components of what I have made. I think it stems from having little (if any) funds for crafting. My Mom would always say "Find something you can use instead."
It has however created a problem of not knowing what to throw away. After all I might be able to use almost anything for something someday. My poor walls now are ready to burst at the seams due to my saving what might be useful someday."

5. What do you most want people to know about your chosen methods of creativity?
That they can do it too! I beleive that everyone is creative. Sometimes people just have not given themselves permission to try something new to themselves. I do not feel I necessarily have a chsen method of creativity. I just have a lack of fear to try. One should just go for it. Perhaps because I have not taken formal art training and do not know "art rules" I have more freedom. I do what I like and what makes me happy. I use what I can find to use. If I do not have a certain product or medium on hand I try to figure out how to acheive what I want with what I have. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But I have tried--and through the process have learned and grown.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

3 Potted Ladies

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I created 3 Potted Ladies for the Rome Main Street Alliance( Rome, NY). 12 artists were selected to create a work of art upon a resin 18 inch planter. The pots will be offered through a silent auction during the summer of 2009.
There are 3 separated and distinct faces on the pot. The above cllage shows them from many different angles.