Sunday, January 18, 2009


A new act is to be enforced in February. This law was made to protect American consumers from harmful products targeted at children. The creation of this act was due to the imported items containing lead that have been found on store shelves.
That is an important issue and it is imperative that we protect our children from uncaring manufacturers.

The act calls for all items marketed to children 12 and under be tested for lead and other safety issues by accredited third party.

The problem with this act is that it makes no provisions for the cottage industry.
For decades I made and sold delightful little puppets at craft shows. I researched all the materials I used, making sure they were non-toxic, hypo-allergenic items, When I assembled the puppet I used carpet and button thread which is extremely strong. I sewed the parts on at least three times each and then tugged and tugged to make sure the pieces were secure. I used no small embellishments. Then when selling the item, I told the buyer that since the puppet was made of cloth that I did not recommend it for anyone under three or that would chew, bite or suck on the puppet because if they should put whole in the cloth they might get the fiber-fil in their mouth which could be a choking hazard.

I loved making selling the puppets. I always thought that somewhere in the future I would again sell them. But if there are no provisions made in the CPSIA to waive the 3rd party testing for the cottage industry, I will no longer be able to make and sell the puppet.There will be no way I can afford to pay for the testing.

Not only will I not be able to sell those puppets, but my art dolls might be at risk as well. I use the term doll. That word alone can cause the CPSIA inspectors to require that they be tested too.

The intent of the act is admirable, but there definitely needs to be some amendments made to protect the conscious, caring "little guys" caught in the rhetoric of restrictions aimed at over-seas manufacturers.

To read more about how this act will affect many, many Americans please go to this link

And please join me in writing to your congressman, senator, local newspaper editor, television station............ about the changes that are needed to this act.

My Gypsy Doll

Well my Gypsy returned home to me. She did not win any prizes, but I was happy to have taken part in THE TREASURES OF THE GYPSY CHALLENGE. I enjoy challenges because they cause me to use themes, materials, etc. that I might not ordinarily use. Such fun!
I named my Gypsy THE TRAVEL PLANNER. I wanted her to convey a since of shock as she is finished consulting the crystal ball that she holds in her lap. She has a cloth body (over a wire armature. Her face is paper-clay over cloth.

A long time between posts

In a whirl, like the snowflakes dancing in the wind outside, the days from Thanksgiving to now have swiftly pasted. If you have been looking now and then for a post, thank you. Now that the busy-ness of December has gone, I hope to be more deligent here and post much more often. I have written many many posts in my head but have never taken the time to record them here. I have many thoughts I want to share. I will post each topic under its' own heading.