Friday, January 25, 2008

time flying by

I can't believe over a week has past since I last posted. I really wanted to keep up with this. Where did the days go?

I have a theme for my Play on Words challenge doll. Her image is forming in my head.

That is how I create. I spend days, weeks, months (sometimes) envisioning a doll. When I can finally see the doll clearly in my mind's eye, then I begin to construct her. Constructing the doll takes much less time than envisioning. I have spent so much time viewing her and how I will make her, that when I start work on the doll it goes fairly quickly. There are very few sketches. I do not draw well. I wish I did so I could put the images in my head down on paper. I envy those that draw. What a gift to have!

I must choose a song lyric for a round robin doll I will be making. I love round robins (a group of people, usually 5 or 6, each make the beginning of a doll. Each person chooses a title for their doll according to a group theme. A mailing list is formed. on a predetermined date, each round robin member mails her dill to the next person on the mailing list. That person then works on the doll and mails it onto the next. The doll makes a full circle journey, each artist adding touches and structure to the doll as the doll is mailed to them.) I have a few lyrics in mind but have not decided which one yet.

I have begun work on the order that was placed for a chef people wreath. I think he will come out well. I am posting a photo of one I have previously done

Well it is time for bed. Good night

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wow There are comments here!

I was so surprised to see that there are comments here! How cool is that! Thank you so much for taking the time to view my blog and to comment. I am sure you can see my smile shining through cyber-space.

I started felting a little head during my lunch break today. Guess what----I only poked myself once! (I am sure that I leave DNA samples on everyting I make. ) I don't think I will use the felted head for any of the dolls I wil enter into challenges. I have a long way to go in the felting department beefore they will be challenge ready. The repetitve motion of the felting process is a great stress reliever--the perfect activity for breaktime at a new and challenging job.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The felted face is hiding from me right now so I can't post a photo of it after all. I will as soon as I can find it.

January 13,2008

Last fall I felted my first face. I really enjoyed the process . The repetitve manipulation of the fibers through the pounciing of the needle was quite relaxing. Today at a craft store I found fibers and needles. Now I can't wait to play with my new treasures.! The image is of the face I sculpted in the fall. .

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I am now a blogger!

Well I am trying this out. So here goes.
I sent out for information on the Treasures of the Gypsy challenge. I have neever joined in on this challenge, but have decided this is the year to join in the fun!
My dollmaking has been pushed to the back -burner for the past couple of months, but it is time to get busy again. I do have an order for a chef wreath that I need to get done.
I have two challenge dolls to get done for the Central New York Doll is Art Guild These dolls are due in April. One will be a bride doll, the other a doll made to illustrate a play on words. I have been thinking about the play on words doll for months and have had a few ideas, but now --in fact just this minute--I think I have come up with my doll theme. I have to okay my choice with the challenge giver. Nope I won't give out my secret phrase right now, but I will keep you posted.