Wednesday, October 21, 2009

working --too late

Seems like I always think I have more time than I do. then all of the sudden reality hits when I look at the calendar and realize I have only two weeks to get what I should have worked on for months. That is where I am today.
I am taking a break from sculpting faces using DAS clay. I really like what I am creating little gourds with gnome-like, or are they country Santa, faces. The small ones, which are actually artificial gourds, will be just faces and become ornaments. A little larger, are real dried gourds. I have given them a base of huge feet, crafted from the DAS as well as the faces. I most likely will add clay arms and hands as well.
While the clay dries, I will use Bendi dolls and create holiday fairies. While the dolls paint dries I will create beautiful bows from glittering Holiday ribbon.
All this will be done after work and perhaps also before work. And--YIKES!--it needs to be finished tagged and ready to drop off to the Rome Art and Community Center for the annual Holiday House sale by Nov. 1.
I will post photos of my creations here after all is done.But for now the clay is calling me. There are gourds that need faces!

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