Saturday, June 20, 2009

My first ever canvas

For some strange reason I had the urge to try "my hand " at painting a face on canvas. Using a brush I base-coated the canvas with some exterior latex paint I had left over from the flower pot I created (picture a few posts down). Then I picked up a brush and using more of the leftover exterior paint I began to paint the face. but then I found I just could not get the effect I wanted. I set down the brush and stuck my finger in the paint. Presto! I was creating the face I saw in my mind. I continued to finger-paint the rest of the face. I did use a brush for the hair, eyebrows and to line the eyes. Everything else was finger-painted. (That is why I put the my hand in quotations in the first line of this post.) So what do you think?


yvonne said...

I think it looks great, at least there are no brush marks. heehee

queenopearls said...

Love it totally. She looks like an Angel.. seriously! What wisdom. Thank you!!!
And I've nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award!