Friday, September 3, 2010

Where have I been?

It seems I have neglected my blog.Why? I am not sure. some day, aw that ever desirable someday, I will be organized and do all the things my mind desires; such as writing often on my blog, keeping my web-site updated.......

It has been a creative time while I have been gone. I have created some work that really makes me smile. Some were created for my part of the Central New York Doll IS Art Guild's gallery show at The Rome Art and Community Center, Rome, NY, in June. It was an enchanting show with amazing dolls of all varieties.

With the encouragement of fellow members of the guild, I entered work into the competition of The New York State Fair. I entered 7 pieces, fully expecting some to be declined for exhibition. I was pleasantly surprised when they were all accepted. A bigger surprise came when I was notified that 6 out of the 7 won accolades! In the Arts and Crafts Division the needle felted Santa shown before on this blog won a 2nd place for felting; Gossamer Willowsham took a 1st place in fiber techniques; R.T. and the Cadigbra took 1st place in modern doll making, and an ornament made from an artificial gourd got honorable mention. In the Senior Division Gourdie tied for 4th in hobby crafts and Ali Cariamden, Head of the Island** got honorable mention. In Fine Arts division The 35mm Dinosaur was accepted for exhibition.

I have also been involved with a local Victorian Leisure Fair (like a renaissance fair with a theme a few hundred years later.) My puppet friends and I have attended on Sundays. The organizers, actors and volunteers have put so much blood, sweat and tears into this event. I do hope it will become an annual event here in central New York.

** The head for Ali Cariamden, Head of the Island, was created from instructions given for the online class by Kathy Hays: Noggins.


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